Saturday, April 2, 2011

My way of coping with Celcom Broadband "5GB limit" nonsense...

Yeah, i believe more than 99.99% subscriber of celcom broadband were not happy with the 5gb limit (even worse, 3gb for rm68 package). I swear to God, insyaallah, if there's any DIGI broadband here in my place, i changed already x(.

Anyhow, since the only internet here in my place was Celcom broadband, apart from streamyx and another local broadband (not sure the name), i have no other choise but to find a way to cope with this "madness".

An so far, i did found it.....

First step, download "microemulator" from here.

Then, download "opera mini" from here .

"Mircoemulator" act like handphone, but on the PC. The initial purpose was for mobile website creator to emulate their created website whether compatible with Opera Mini or not. But other than that, we can also browse the internet normally (just like Opera Mini on your handphone).

How it help me coping with the "5gb" nonsense? Well, if you dont know yet, every website that been viewed in Opera Mini will be compressed up to 90% of its normal size. In short, we can save 90% of bandwidth compare to surfing the internet using normal browser.

Honestly, it did have some "minor" tak best compare to normal browser, but for me, its ok la. If there's any website that cannot be opened using this opera mini (usually website involve flash), only then you can use normal browser.

It really help me a lot actually. By the end of the month, i still have about half or the bandwith not yet use (so can i use it to download some movie la >:-) ). Yeah, some may call this parthethic, but what can i do? It's all Celcom fault x( , WAHAHAHA.....


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